Tips for keeping your bed white and bright

Tips for keeping your bed white and bright

Tips for keeping your bed white and bright

White Bed Sheets

Nothing beats falling asleep in a plush hotel bed. However, have you ever noticed how hotels use bright white bedding? Don’t you wish the bedding of your Airbnb or Guest House rooms feel the same?

A reason why white bedding is popular in Hotel and Airbnb rooms is that it is bright, adaptable and will never go out of style. A white bed reflects light around the room and makes it feel spacious.

There's no denying that pristine, white bed linen looks fantastic in a hotel bedroom. It evokes a sense of quality and elegance, as well as cleanliness, which is what everyone asks for in their rooms
However, with white bedding comes great responsibility, as that whiteness we all admire may quickly lose its colour or become dull grey or yellow if not well cared for.

We all like the look of fresh, white bed sheets but find them lose their brightness after a while. The good news is that it is so easy to keep them looking good with the correct maintenance. High-quality linen fabric is strong and long-lasting, and it only takes a few steps to keep it looking bright.
So, how can you maintain your linens as clean as the first day you brought them?
Here are a few tips:

- Keep your white bedding safe.
Spills must be cleaned up immediately! If you can't wash right away, run your sheets under cold water. White linens should be washed separately since other items might stain them. Washing sheets alongside other textures, such as towels or clothes, can affect their quality.

Getting rid of stains on white bedding does not require the use of any specialized products or equipment. Simply dampen a sponge with warm water and a few drops of dish soap before gently wiping away the stains. After that, just toss your bed sheets in the washing machine.

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- Launder Whites Separately
Always make sure that whites are washed with whites. If you do not separate your coloured and white laundry, the colour may transfer to your white bed linen. When everything is white, you can wash everything at once. There is no need to sort or segregate. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about some of the colours affecting the brightness of your white linens.

- Heavy Stains
Soak your bed linens overnight before washing if they have any significant stains.
Here’s a natural remedy! Add 12 cup of baking soda to your wash; at the start of the rinse cycle, add 12 cup white distilled vinegar. Another natural whitener is to
add 12 cup lemon juice in a gallon of hot water and allow the sheets to soak for an hour before washing in your washing machine with detergent. When the weather and time allow, dry your linens outside in the sun to help them shine.

- Sunshine
When it comes to drying white bedding, line drying is always the best option.
Sun dry! We recommend drying your freshly cleaned linens outside in the sun. UV rays from the sun have a bleaching impact, which helps to keep your white bedding white. Plus, they'll smell fantastic! Hanging your sheets on a line can also assist to eliminate wrinkles as they blow in the breeze, reducing the need for ironing and so protecting the fibers.

- Liquid bluing
Mix a quarter teaspoon of liquid bluing with one quart of water. Pour the solution, together with a detergent over your linens during a typical wash cycle. Pour one-eighth teaspoon liquid bluing into one quart of water if using in the rinse cycle.
Avoid adding liquid bluing in the automatic dispenser of your washer. It may become stained as a result of the bluing. Except for washing detergent, liquid bluing should not be used with bleach, fabric softener, or any other laundry product. Other washing products may react with the liquid bluing, resulting in stains.

So what do hotels do?
Hotels, mostly hotel chains, have their own strategies for coping with the mountains of laundry they get every day.
Most of them will treat any stains on the laundry. Rather than using bleach, they rely on cutting-edge technology such as stain removers and soaps. In other circumstances, they place the wash in a large pot filled with the ideal mixture of laundry detergent, baking soda, and cold water. They then boil the linens for 30 minutes before wringing them out.

Finally, what materials are known for keeping their white colour?
Natural fabrics, such as cotton & linen, can be washed at higher temperatures to eliminate stains, making them an excellent choice if you desire brilliant, white bed linen.