Linen essentials for your Airbnb room

Linen essentials for your Airbnb room

The first impression matters when a guest enters an Airbnb accommodation, whether for business, pleasure, or leisure.

Fast WIFI, decorative accents, illumination, and soundproofing may all entice guests, whether on business or vacation.-
The cleanliness and style of the bed and mattress, as well as natural lighting, sea view or mountain view, are all crucial considerations.
However, regardless of the sort of guests, the linens are likely to be the most important consideration.

Choosing your linen bedding sets

An imperative aspect of hosting a rental property is finding the most comfortable sheets, covers, and pillows for your Airbnb short-term rental.

This is a key consideration because Airbnb guests initially consider what is comfortable and welcoming in the room. They examine tiny details which make them predict whether they will have a pleasant stay or not.
There is no doubt that the color is important. When it comes to bedding, though, we choose simple white linen for various reasons.
White complements any room\'s décor and style, whether traditional or contemporary. It is simple to clean and gives your guests the impression that they are in a safe and clean place.

What are thread counts and why do they matter?
The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the sheet. 
Anything above 500 isn\'t always better (don\'t be fooled by thread counts exceeding 1,500).

A general rule of thumb for providing five-star-worthy Airbnb bedding is a minimum of a 300 thread count on cotton sheets.
Airbnb hosts recommend a soft and durable 300TC  or 400TC flat sheet, a duvet cover, and two pillowcases depending on the size of your beds.

These will ensure that your guests have a restful night\'s sleep.

You can always add a decorative pillow and a throw to complete the design.


Your Bathroom linens
To entice customers to return for another stay, or possibly to prolong their stay, focus your emphasis on all areas that value comfort.

Therefore, in addition to bed linens, it is always a good idea to maintain an adequate supply of towels.

Bathrooms should have a minimum of two bath towels, two hand towels, four washcloths, and one bath mat. Also, keep in mind that ladies need towels to remove makeup.
That’s why having a variety of towels on hand will allow you to replace your bathroom towels less frequently.
For many guests, showering and using towels is both the first and last thing they do when staying at an Airbnb home, and you, as a host want your guests to remember bright, clean, high-quality towels when writing a review on the Airbnb app.

Bathrobes would be an excellent addition to the above list. These do have an impact on your guests too.

This is a little investment that will go a long way toward making your guests feel at ease and welcome. Also make sure to wash them  after each Airbnb guest checks out, so that they are always clean and ready for the next visitor to use.