Every Thread Counts

White chamber works with manufacturers which are certified in various fields along the production chain. The individual certificates cover a wide range of topics, e. g. social standards, sustainability and conservation of the environment, the material or the respective production process. Meanwhile, standards and monitoring processes have been set for many different areas. Here is an overview of the most important certificates applying to our companies.

Only premium materials are used in the production of the garments. The major part of the white chamber line is made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, that is delicate to the touch, comfy on the skin and easy to care for. More robust cotton or innovative polyester are selected for all products that might have to face more intricate every day challenges. 

No matter what the style or purpose, each of the white chamber items are carefully designed to provide you with the best possible quality, putting, style and love of detail in the spotlight. 

Based on the unique combination of the positive, creative energy of the product,  and a great price concept affordable for everyone, we are excited to present a brand new shopping experience in our White chamber online shop.